DELBROUCK launches innovative beverage crate

Leave the “crate” behind: turn to sophisticated brand packaging. Under this slogan, DELBROUCK GmbH in Menden in conjunction with Alfa Brewery from Limburg (NL) has developed a novel, innovative process for in-mould labelling technology and now introduced it onto the market.
In principle, this involves encircling a beverage crate completely and seamlessly with a high-quality, scratch-resistant in-mould label.
A crate was developed especially for this purpose which provides a large radius at the corners to permit the decorative foil (in-mould label) to be curved perfectly.
On the basis of the experience gathered with the beverage crate introduced for the mineral spring industry (e.g. Rheinfels) in 2010, DELBROUCK has now created another technical highlight.
The investments in the new technology are not inconsiderable; work on the new crate took over one year, and the mechanical systems for high-speed series production were developed further.
The new crate’s label design was devised at Alfa, with a significant contribution being made by the owner Mr Meens. At the corners, it features a foaming beer which basically froths around the corner, thus conveying the idea of freshness and liveliness. Overall the look of the crate is extremely high-quality and modern. The effect of the colours is unusually striking in this form and stands out markedly from the competition at the POS. Naturally the new crate satisfies all the relevant requirements for internal and external logistics in the Benelux states. Great effort and care were taken to integrate all aspects relating to washing, filling, sorting and transport (stackability).

The new process opens up a wide range of new options for crate design.
In the past, only the sides and ends could be used, but now brand names and type descriptions can be written in straight lines or diagonally “round the corner”, just as required. The product and packaging designers can now set to work with totally new approaches to improving the advertising effectiveness of beverage crates. The new process offers enormous potential.
One further very important advantage concerns trademarks. The new in-mould label technology enables the crate to be protected as a three-dimensional brand and is therefore an important additional component of brand management. The path from the “boring” crate body to perfect brand design has now been smoothed.

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