Anything retro or what? DELBROUCK gives the new 0.33l (Euro) brewer bottle a home

At the sight of the new brewer box with the matching 0.33l bottle in the “Euro style”, the answer to the question is difficult. Is this another project that follows the retro trend and has expanded the division by an additional package, or has created a completely independent style of design.

The answer may ultimately answer the users of this unique package. We are very pleased that this combination is increasingly popular with our customers. However, this is not difficult with the obvious advantages to other box combinations of this still new form of packaging. The following aspects should be mentioned:

  • Diameter of a standard 0.33l long-neck bottle, therefore only small costs are expected in the of filling technology
  • Special height, reduction of foreign bottles in returnable crates
  • Multipackability is given, for 6 and 4 packs
  • Lower weight (70gr compared to 0.33l long-neck)
  • Almost the same labeling area size as 0.33l long-neck
  • Available in brown, white & green color
  • Available with CC as well as MCA mouth

The new box in connection with the fitting bottles was realized as a joint project by DELBROUCK and our partner EUROGLAS. The first new customers, which successfully introduced the new container, are the breweries Kauzen Bräu GmbH & Co. KG Ochsenfurt and Kaiser-Brauerei Geislingen / Steige.

The new combination is ideal for the presentation of special or seasonal specialties. For further information, please contact our sales team.

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