DELBROUCK wins German Packaging Award 2011 in the category Transport Packaging

For a good two decades, a partner-like relationship has existed between the companies Alfa Brewery and DELBROUCK. Around one and a half years ago, Mr Harry Meens, owner of Alfa Brewery, expressed the wish to replace the crate which had been on the market since 2001 with a new one. After many discussions, meetings, technical tests, etc., the companies Alfa Brewery and DELBROUCK concluded the contract to supply the new crate at the trade fair booth of DELBROUCK during the Brau Beviale 2010 in Nuremberg. Parallel to designing and producing the tool, a large number of meetings were held regarding the design of the label. The result is a beer crate with a totally new style produced using the seamless in-mould labelling process. The Alfa crate is the perfect further development of the beverage crate for Rheinfels-Quelle (2009, presented with the Environment Award) and Apollinaris (in 2010), both products of DELBROUCK. With this novel technology, four in-mould labels are inserted in the injection moulding machine in such a way that the rounded corners of the crate have a label applied to them without any abutting edges, and the four individual labels thus assume the appearance of a single, uninterrupted all-round label. The options available to the designers are now much greater than with the classical beverage crate. The effect of beverage crates in this design is extremely striking and promotionally effective. Alfa Brewery is very satisfied with the new crate. According to the owner, the investment, which is high for a medium-sized brewery, has more than paid for itself. In addition to pleasing increases in sales, the brand has been given a new impulse and succeeded in gaining new consumers. As well as updating the crate, Alfa Brewery has also adjusted and developed the design of the crown caps, bottle labels and other aspects which support the product. The cooperation between Alfa Brewery and DELBROUCK is based on an excellent foundation, and the two companies look forward with pleasure and pride to a joint future.

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